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Al Kuwait Main Gujarat Road Phalia is a Pakistani Restaurant, situated on Main Gujarat Phalia. Al-Kuwait is a wonderful idea because introducing a tested Matka Taste and recipes of Food Lovers of area. Al-Kuwait is Nice because it provides the best services to Food lovers in a comfortable environment. As the Al-Kuwait is customer-friendly, therefore, known for best services. Hence, this is a welcome gift for the Food lovers of the Main Gujarat Road Phalia and adjacent areas. • Al-Kuwait  Menu Al-Kuwait is offering tasteful Matka and BBQ Cuisines. And amazingly at very economical and reasonable rates. Here is a glimpse: • BBQ (Malai Boti, Tikka, Seekh Kebab), Mutka Biryani (Tikka, Kofta, Chicken, Mutton, Beef), • Mutka Haleem, Mutka Chai, Special Chutni, Drinks Firstly As the name Al-Kuwait  suggests, the main attraction is “Matka Recipe.” Al-Kuwait  Matka Biryani is providing BBQ items. Nevertheless, a healthy meal comprising Rice Recipes along with BBQ items all day long is a big attraction. The providence of trendy Matka Cuisines in lunch and dinner is fantastic. Therefore, Families must visit Al-Kuwait for meals throughout the day. • Al-Kuwait Main Gujarat Road Phalia Specialty Secondly, Because the Al-Kuwait  Matka Biryani is “Trendy Matka.” Therefore, they focus on distinct masala and taste buds of food lovers. Al-Kuwait served Meal aroma and taste will make you come again and again. Any Food Lover will fall for “Matka Chai” served all day. They make sure to cook from basics and use signature ingredients for the perfect taste. • Our Team: Because Preparation and Making of such variety of Cuisines are challenging, so Only expert Team of Chefs’ working hard make your food delicious, Tasty and serve it fresh. The staff members are well mannered and provide quick and best customer services. • Al-Kuwait Main Gujarat Road Phalia Location & Timings: Finally Located in Gujarat Road Phalia, Near Hungry Pizza ‎‏. We serve from 10 AM to 01 AM all days of the week. We also facilitate Take away, home delivery (free; within 05 KM range). Services: Al-Kuwait Main Gujarat  Road Phalia gives you plenty of options when it comes to services. You can dine-in, take away, or can order home delivery through Yumfoody ( To Order call 0300 0341022.


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